Sunday, 23 November 2014


Sunday 23rd November

Well its been a non week exercise wise as the dreaded flu decided that I was not to exercise. The flu was a continuation from the previous week, and sadly I was very poorly, recovering enough to look after GD on Thursday and Friday in Gloucester, again using the excellent 'Brierfields Motel campsite' with the campervan, we were amazed tha the site was full on a Thursday night in mid November, clearly people don't stay at home when you have spent your money on an expensive motorhome or caravan!! we did manage a very wet walk along the river at Tewksbury with GD, which was very pretty, but wet!! BUT! GD enjoyed the splashing in the muddy puddles :-) - so 0 miles running and 0 miles cycling, but still find myself on Sunday evening coughing and a cotton wool head, be it less than it was. Cold remedies! how do they get away with the advertising!!!!  they don't work - end of!!! had my clod/flu now for 2 weeks,I have been watching bits on 'You Tube' of mountain runners and fell running to keep me inspired - they just seem so fit.

Back to Bikeability tomorrow so hope I have the voice and the ability to stand for hours on a cold street corner, and hoping by later in the week to manage a short run.
My son is already asking if I want to enter Exe to Axe at the end of March ,we did enter last year then due to bereavement had to pull out. This year I will enter late, and try to gauge my miles at the end of January and if I will be fit enough for the 20 mile coast run [lots of steep ups and downs!].
I can also gauge with my Grizzly cub run on the 1st March which is 9 miles along part of the route.
I was hoping to increase my mileage this year even though I am up on last year still not as good as 2012
         running    cycling
2014  555           2511
2013  501           2398
2012  590           3000

If I put a good spurt in perhaps I will beat 2012!!! although I have lost at least 2 weeks.

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