Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nice weather, nice cycling and then!!  Atishoo!!  
Tuesday 23rd September
Got a really good start to the week last week with  3 cycle rides and a good run, then it went downhill when my throat was sore, legs ache etc!!! the dreaded common cold!!
I did a good 32 mile cycle ride in the week, 45 mile cycle ride on Saturday where seemed to be particularly strongly  and another 39 miles on the Sunday, 116 miles along with a record 6 mile time for my Neroche run last Monday.
The weather has been particularly warm with nice sunshine, yesterday [Monday] I was at a school in Bridgwater doing some road safety training with children as part of the Hinkley Point project with EDF in preparation for the heavy traffic for the new Nuclear Power station. It was very hot out on the roads. The children responded well. The weather was in contrast to my Bikeability course last Friday where we got very wet in the morning, fortunately it was warm and the children coped with conditions very well.

With the Stumble 7 miles run only a short time away I need to get out and run, sadly I have not run now for over a week. I always seem to suffer badly when I get a cold, I am reluctant to run or cycle seriously in case I make it worse. Hopefully I might get out again on Thursday. Having Bikeability again on Thursday and Friday will give me an outing, especially if I can cycle across a few miles.

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