Thursday, 18 June 2020

bit of cycling and running during lockdown

Thursday 18th June 2020

Well we are still in a period of 'grotiness' with all this Covid business, and to my mind there is a long way to go before anywhere near normality returns. But there are some idiots out there who seem to think 'its all over' and going about as though nothing has happened, no following social distance rules, no following gathering in larger groups etc, which people of my age find very difficult to accept as catching the virus for us could mean life or death!
Anyway, following that you should only worry about the things you can change and the things you cant, I should be more concerned about whether I can get out to run or cycle or dare I say go out in the van! which at the moment is at the menders as the window has decided to drop out as well as the need for its annual MOT and service, however, there has been little mileage over the past year and made worse by the virus! even the new battery last year is starting to fail with lack of use:-(

The last month has been wonderful weather wise, each day shorts and tee being the norm thing to wear, and decision as to whether to run or cycle! I have had some lovely runs, my favourite route being over to Brent Knoll via the fields and out down a track which eventually goes off road, there are usually cygnets, goslings and baby ducks as well as expansive views across the levels, flag irises lining the local 'Rhynes'  before eventually crossing Berrow dunes to the expansive beach near the wreck of the Norgen which sank in 1837. the beach uptill now has been deserted, but think its on borrowed time wth more visitors attracted to the area as the lockdown recedes! I have met up with several Harriers for Social Distance runs on occasions, running up Brent Know of an evening, giving great views across the county and running round the coast following the River Parrett to the Huntspill river and lonely and wild place to run, but, beautiful.
I did manage to get to the Quantocks last Sunday, a nice early start saw me running from Great wood at 7:00 am, over to Deadwomans ditch after a long climb, before descending down one of my favourite combes Holford, zig zagging my way down before Holford and the climb up the Great road from the dog pound near the green, its a two mile climb and on a humid hot day, even with cloud cover it meant lots of walking and running! Beacon Hill was finally reached and chatted to a lone MTBer about the area whilst topping up with a muesli bar The ridge along to Triscombe was my next target, but as I went along on the ups and downs, seeing very few people, I started to feel the tiredness that comes from two big climbs and the lack of climbs over the last couple of months, despite the odd foray up Brent Knoll. As I approached Hurley Beacon, doubt crept into my head, Triscombe seemed a long way, and maybe, Crowcombe Park gate, and descent down Ramscombe would be enough to satisfy my outdoor hill cravings!!! as I got to the Trig point on Black hill above Crowcombe gate, decision was made, I was very hot, very tired and had back ache after only 8.5 miles!! down Rambscombe I went knowing full well it was down hill all the way back to the car, Great wood was now busy with other cars and dog walkers, as I finally got back to a welcome flask of coffee in the car! 10.5 miles covered, and 1500 ft of climbing, pleased with that and a lovely morning out.
Cycling wise I have kept fairly local, other than when I had to cycle the 39 miles home from Chard when I took the van to be repaired, it is a nice ride, but again the several hills, the main one Pedwell hill did cause me some trouble, cycling on the levels does not prepare you for hills!!
 The weather has now turned and this week has been stormy, making it difficult to get out without the threat of getting soaked, its very humid and thunder is in the air. I do hope it turns back to being more settled so putting back uncertainty about going out running or cycling :-(

Sorry no photos I did delete from my phone without thinking! I must save next time to add photos, the above photos were taken close to home down a place called Brent Broad which is a track that leads over to Brent Knoll and gives a nice 10 k route to the top of the Knoll and back.
Well I am managing to Blog once a month which is great running wise I have now covered 712 miles of my 1000 mile target for the year! running about 20 miles a week.

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