Thursday, 16 July 2020

Easing of Lockdown

Thursday 16th July 2020

We have now been told we need to wear masks in shops! what a carry on it all is, very tedious , but still somewhat dangerous and at my age still fills me with horror should I pick it up, not knowing how my body will react, what I do know is when I get a cold I suffer badly even after vaccination. So all I can do is carry on , trying to avoid small spaces with people, no cafes or pubs etc. I have found another use for the many Buffs I own, currently 15!!

After that some good news on the running club front, we met for the first time last Tuesday evening, social distancing  and running in groups of no more than 6, it was good to se people I haven't seen for 3 months! and as a group leader I chose the route! it was only 4.6 miles and several of the group did struggle and the paces was only 10:30 minute miles. but I was nice to catch up.

I met up with two Harriers last Sunday and we did a lovely route over Cheddar Gorge and Beacon Batch, the highest point on the Mendips, a tough hilly route of 9.2 miles, my legs certainly felt it by the end, as well as being very hot .

So far this year I have managed to run 827 of my 1000 miles, so quite pleased with that, way up on last year. But, as I may have said before, its at the expense of my cycling, the weather this year has been so erratic, with very windy days of 26 mph + winds making cycling very uncomfortable. I have managed a couple of longer rides 50 miles plus when taking and collecting my van for more repairs and its MOT and expensive cycle ride. I still need to consider new shorts and a new saddle as discomfort is also putting me off cycling , seems worse this year, maybe its the lack of miles on my bike. I must try harder to get out rather than running. No clubs locally is a disadvantage, as I am always 'Billy No Mates'
anyway just a quick up date that I may edit later.

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