Friday, 1 February 2019


February 2nd

What a dreary horrid month January is, after Christmas it always seems such a dark, grey month with the spring seemingly a long way off.
I failed to take up my Audax 100k deciding I hadn’t got the miles in to enjoy the day out, the weather was also forecast to be poor, though it wasnt as bad as they said! My total mileage cycling for January was only 160 miles, managing only about 30 milesish a week, my longest being 41 miles with the Wobbly wheelers to West Bay, a lovely, if cold morning out.
Running, I managed 94 miles with three good off road trips to the Mendips, two to Crook Peak and a third round Cheddar cliffs, only 6 miles a trip but at least I was getting some climbing in of around 1000ft a trip. It has been very muddy and slippery, making the trips quite difficult, having to take extra care over the rocky route round Cheddar. The weather for each trip was good, cold, windy but sunny and dry. With only 5 weeks to go to the 19 mile Grizzly, I need to up the mileage! Not looking very good at the moment, I have tried to settle into a training regime, Sunday an off road run, Monday yoga and possible run/ cycle, Tuesday run club 6 miles , Wednesday cycle , Thursday Fitness circuits, Friday rest, Saturday park run or run. But! The weather keeps changing and I do find difficulty in motivating myself to go out, particularly cycling.
Yesterday brought snow! So as usual everywhere was in Chaos, my daughter had a day off work due to the school closing. I was surprised we had snow as we are at sea level! It also meant at least two days without getting out cycling or running.
I seem fixed on 4- 7 miles no seemingly able to motivate to run for longer or further?
Below are some photos from January, Crook Peak, Cheddar and the coast in the snow

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