Wednesday, 9 January 2019


9th January 2019

Tried out the ‘relive’ app today

It shows today’s run in 3D minus of course the start and finish points! Lovely day for a run, AND saw my first snowdrops this year!! Summer is on the way!!

Cycling seems to have taken a backseat at the moment, too cold, too damp, much easier to get the running shoes on.

Sunday saw my first excursion to the Mendips, a run up and over Crook Peak, which if you drive down the M5 after Bristol, it’s on your left.
I parked up at 8am just as it was light, but there were already cars there, it was straight into the climb, steady at first but getting steeper near the summit, as approached I saw a couple on the top and greeted by a very curious dog, becoming friendly after a few moments talking to her. Owners had come to see the sunrise, but sadly it was a grey misty day, no sun! However, the views out across the channel to Wales, Bristol, and south across the levels, but not as far as Glastonbury Tor. Sadly, not a photographic day to record my first venture on the Mendips . I said goodby, expecting to see them on my return as I headed over to Wavering Down and it’s trig Point before returning back over Crook Peak and a lovely descent down the ridge to the car 5 miles and 900 ft climbed. A great morning out, First of many  trips up this hill as it’s only 10 miles from home!

Not sure whether this shareable ?

I have signed up for the ‘Trail Running magazine’ 1000 mile challenge, I only managed 700 miles last year, so got to put a few more miles in, I have made a good start with over 20 miles completed already !
Finally ! A PB for my Park Run last Saturday at a Burnham-On-Sea, 25 mins 14 secs! Target is under 25 mins this year 😀😀

I must get a few cycling miles in before the 26th January as it’s the 100 k Cotton Audax from Bristol into Gloucestershire ! Got a lot of work to do!!


  1. Your 700 miles last year was a lot farther than my measly 482, but perhaps I made up for it with 49,135ft of ascent? It's not easy running in the Pennines!
    Strangely, here in the frozen north, snowdrops are flowering in my garden.
    Have a very happy and healthy new year - and maybe say goodbye to that PF. Cheers!

  2. Think your 49000 ft all off-road, trumps my 700 miles as the maximum feet I climbed most of the time was about 30 ft! Per run ! And on the road !
    Thankyou for your kind comments