Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Last year and this year!

2nd January 2019
My blog posts have been erratic this year, sadly down to 1 or less a month!!
Sadly it also reflects my activity as stated in the title ‘cyclingrunningwalkingcampervan.....’
last year I did manage 3821 miles cycling and 700 miles running, the downside on those were, didn’t do any MTBing!! So all miles on the road bike and I didn’t run as much off road or enter so many off road events, especially being thwarted from the Grizzly by the snow! ( I couldn’t get out of the drive)

Moving house has also hampered my  cycling and running as I am now trying to learn the area! I still need to discover the Mendips for both activities ! The positive side I have now joined a running club!

Using my Camper has also been neglected, only spending a couple of nights in the van in Gloucester last January for babysitting !! That’s of course not count two nights in the van over Christmas as we were short of beds in the house as family descended !., moving meant we never really got around to arranging to go, taking coffee to Brean 6 miles away seems to be the only outings it gets at the moment!

Fell walking has not happened at all this year! So more efforts needed there!!!

We are now in another Grizzly year ! So early March sees me struggling the 19 miles and 2300 ft climbing on the Devon coast, I have a lot of training to do as my 6 mile runs only climb 14 ft!!
I still real issues with my Plantar Faciitis! Even with insoles, I seem ok up to 6-8 miles then it does kick in despite stretching, rolling etc. But! My weekly Yoga sessions seem to work. All I can do is train best I can and decide nearer the event.
I have now completed 23 Parkrun but still fail to beat my 25:52 time !!
I did the Exmoor Stumble, slower than last year, but inside the hour and the Portishead coastal, where I won my age category!

Lots to look forward to this year, trying to look some events to enter.
So happy new year to anyone who reads my blog, another challenge is to post on this blog more often !!

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