Saturday, 6 October 2018


Sunday 7th October 2018

The year rolls on, autumn has arrived, we have had to have the heating on twice! With temps down to 8.5 degrees! I have also had my yearly flu jab , which is ironic as I sit here typing with a horrendous cold, aching limbs, tired........  so no outdoor activity since last Wednesday.

I managed to run 70 miles in September all very flat usually along the beach, I manage park run most weeks and finally got under 26 mins at Burnham-On-Sea last week!! If only by 8 seconds 😀
I finally got the results from the Portishead coastal race and I came 71st out of 158 who finished, so pleased with that. I have got my entry for the Grizzly next March, so a bit of time to prepare, I am trying to remain positive about being on the start line properly prepared. In a moment of madness I entered the Exmoor stumble which is in two weeks, sadly this weeks illness might mean a DNS!
I am persevering with the local running club, I have now run with them three times, but! In my opinion still not very friendly, very cliquey!! I will miss this week because of my cold and it’s the local half marathon today, I should be helping but! Not in a fit state to hang around on a street corner for hours!

Cycling, 355 miles in September which was down on the previous month, but still good, my feet ascended though is limited as I still haven’t really explored the Mendips and most other riding is on the levels, for example I rode with Brent Knoll Velo on Wednesday last week and we did 55 miles with only 800 ft of climbing, but! We usually have a head wind coming back to Burnham and the average speed is always around 16 mph!! Which is approximately 3 mph faster than rides I did around Chard when it was common for 2000 ft of climbing on a 15 mile ride!

Next Sunday is the Grid Iron, an Audax in the New Forest, a lovely event, well organised 69 miles, I should be ok with that, the people I am riding with are not fast riders! I am hoping to make it a weekend in the van as it’s a few months since I have slept in it!

Still not managed any holiday this year, with the weather deteriorating now it probably won’t be until next spring, unless we get a call to go and look after Grandchildren, speaking of which the twins were brought down by dad for the day  last week , we had a lovely time on the beach followed by ice cream and a roundabout ride! Grand daughter spent the day with her mum.

It will be a couple of days before I get out again, reluctantly as I try to make sure I am recovered .


  1. I'd intended having a flu jab last week but thought better of it when I developed a nasty cough - and sneezing. Maybe next week....
    You were 5 miles ahead of me with your 70 miles in September but, living in the Pennines, I probably did a lot more ascent.
    You don't mention the dreaded PF - which is good news......

  2. Thankyou for your comment, my usual ascent over a 4-6 mile run here is about 15 ft! And that’s dropping down to the beach and back! Until I start to head to the Mendips my ascent is way below yours, I did manage 1000ft ascent on the Exmoor Stumble on Sunday over the 10k. Your mileage is great, with some lovely off road running. My PF is now managed, I think you recommended some Orthoheel inserts which seem very good, much better than my expensive podietrist ones! Not sure if the Flu jab upset me for a couple of days as they have ‘added’ something extra for us over 65s!
    Keep on running, I await you post each week to see how it’s going, an inspiration to us all !