Friday, 21 September 2018

Moving on!

21st September 2018

It seems to get longer between posts! I note my last one was early August! When!! We still had summer, days were long, dry and sunny, that’s now changed and we are on our second storm of the autumn, today being particularly windy, not conducive to cycling or even running, especially as we now live on the coast. I have gone from over 100 miles a week cycling to 18 this week, quite depressing, even running I am down to short 5 km runs, but!! I did run with the local running club on Tuesday, even though my welcome was less than warm, I will give it another go again this week. On top of all this , the good old Plantar Faciitis is still there, nagging away when I think it’s gone😕

Since the last post I have managed to cycle ‘Sandra’s 100’ a ride in aid of Macmillan, I actually did 102 miles, I have been out regularly 40-60 miles 3 or 4 times a week, however not many hills as it’s so flat on the levels, I am finding my way round now in the triangle of Brent Knoll, Glastonbury tor and Crook Peak. The wind is always an issue as it’s always west on the return ride, making it hard work. My next cycle event is the ‘Grid Iron ‘ Audax in the New Forest in October.

Running wise, I did a personal best on the Burnham Parkrun of 26 mins 3 secs, not my fastest yet though. Only managing short runs of around 3-4 miles and no hill work, which made my entry for the ‘Portishead Coastal 10 k’ worrying! I did three 10 k runs in the week leading up to the event and I have to say the hills on the course were manageable, I still don’t know my position but did manage 59 mins 33sec so pleased with that. I have entered the Grizzly again, as I am assured a place, but at this moment I don’t think I will be anywhere near hill fit for it, even though it’s next March! I am trying to decide whether to go for the Exmoor Stumble in a few weeks!

I have had tests for Prostate Cancer and pleased to say I am clear, only an enlarged prostate to worry about!
I think I have about caught up with my activities, vanwise we haven’t been away yet!! Not sure now we will manage it before winter, a new kitten in the house and daughter starting a new job, along with living at the seaside, seems to be getting in the way, but! A trip to the lakes would be nice😀

Sunsets round here have been spectacular see the following photos

 Burnham on Sea
Classic low lighthouse again

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  1. According to their website Burnham on Sea Harriers claim to be 'a friendly running club who welcome all newcomers'. I'd refer them to that statement next time you go.
    You'll have to ask your doctor for the nasty cortisone injection for that dreaded Plantar Fasciitis. Unless you really want to suffer for the rest of your life!
    Had my enlarged prostate reamed out years ago. Made an amazing difference, removed all the urgency to 'go' and could pee half way across the garden!
    Enjoy your trip to the Lakes, if you get there. We'd a few days by Ullswater in August and had a great time in spite of not very good weather. Cheers!