Thursday, 25 October 2018

BOS Bug, a run on Exmoor and some beautiful sunsets

Thursday 25th October

The Grid Iron was a none starter, my bug seemed to have taken hold and not letting go, aching limbs and no energy, but! The weather was foul, according to feedback, so I guess it’s a good job I didn’t go  after being ill. Ironically, the Monday the day after, I suddenly felt as though it had all lifted and felt fine again!! So commiserated with a run , I even did a 55 mile cycle ride on the Wednesday and felt fine, I was booked in to the ‘Exmoor Stumble ‘ a 10 k run across Exmoor, with 1000 ft of ascent , it was a beautiful day, quite warm, big field, the uphill parts had a few narrow single track bits, and got stuck behind slower runners or walkers! I felt quite good and was looking to regain my over 65 title from two years ago! It was a very fast 3 miles down hill, 7 minute miles over rough forest paths. 1hr 4mins! 61st out of 107, sadly I was 4 minutes behind the fastest over 65, quite pleased really as I hadn’t prepared for it and not run up a hill since April!
Then!! This week, went running with the local running club on Tuesday evening( still Billy no mates think I might have to give it up as a bad job, very unfriendly😕) I met with the local Brent Knoll Velo lads for a ride on the Wednesday morning but after about 18 miles I started to feel unwell, we stopped for coffee at Wookey, I didn’t have cake!! Before deciding to head for home, joined with one of the others who is still recovering from Prostate Cancer, but!! The 15 miles home into the headwind over the levels was the hardest ride I have done 😕 even the bridge over the railway was a struggle, I took to my bed when I got home, and stayed there till this morning, not eating anything since last night, however, it seems to have gone again, it was the same symptoms as before, but it’s lifted( again) all very odd.
So October has/is being a strange month37 Miles Run but only 164 cycled, the two weeks off in the middle affected this. I hope for better next month.The photos are a mish mash, the Flying Scotsman! Swans , Brean Down across the River Axe from the cycle track to Uphill from Berrow, enjoy 😊

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