Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Grim weather continues.

14th February 2018

After the euphoria of the last post, it has now changed once again to despair! Having only cycled 31miles last week and none this week so far [pouring down and gales this morning so no Wobble].

Running,  I did manage a couple of 10 mile runs round the lanes, one went well and one I really suffered and struggled with the last couple of miles, But! I did a good 10 k run and felt really good and set a good pace, but the miles are just not being increased, the Grizzly looks increasingly likely that I will pull out, rather than struggle round the 20 miles, lack of training miles. Decision time next week to sell my place or not! The PF is not improving either when running, seems OK with normal walking and the insoles in my normal everyday shoes, but, having them in my running shoes does reduce the pain after but, its still there! And is quite painful. So disappointed with them. I have done a couple of short 3-4 mile runs with my daughter, which was nice to have company and chat.

So not feeling great at the moment, the weather is really getting me down, can’t seem to motivate myself to get out. This morning the weather is atrocious once again and I couldn’t face another wet ride on my bike. Running off road would be a mud fest and cant motivate myself with that either.
We did have a wander down to Lyme Regis on Monday or Wimbledon-on-Sea as we call it, this was a nice day, cold sunny and dry, but heaving with people, all smashing hell out of the rocks to get their fossils!!!! I think half terms are when the second home owners all descend.

Our house is no nearer getting sold, another time waster last week, who hadn’t even got theirs on the market, it was a cold wet day so I suppose it was something to do!

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