Saturday, 3 February 2018

At last!!

2nd February 2018

Wednesday Wobble in the last two weeks has been wet! The day after the last post[23rd] the forecast was for a wet day , but clearing later so four of us met up at mid day, it was drizzling a little after heavy rain in the morning,  but we were optimistic it would clear! As we set off the roads were running wet and by the time we were 10miles out the rain had set in again once again! We headed over Muchelney and back towards Kingsbury Episcopi and their community cafĂ©, we were welcomed as even though we were dripping wet! business in the wet weather had been poor, by the time we had finished our cake and tea, the weather had cleared to patchy blue sky, but very windy, a good 35 miles covered and a very dirty bike!

Since the last post I have managed to run 42 miles and cycle 107 miles, the highlight of running was my Seaton Hole/Branscombe run on a beautiful sunny frosty morning, I parked at Seaton Hole and walked to the top of the first hill before running down into Beer and then up to Beer head, off road the ground was very wet and muddy, going down Seaside was a slide!!! The woods above Branscombe now coming to life with the wild garlic and bluebells starting to sprout. Dropping down to the Fountains, down to the seashore once again, beach or undercliff??? I decided on undercliff, it was very slippery and muddy, up the stairway to heaven, and over the Beer, the final climb and descent not too bad and I felt pleased with my efforts, 8.8 miles, a good morning out.
The Wobble the next day over to East Coker and the ‘Goose Slade Farm’ tea rooms was a wet ride, pouring rain descending from the Cheddington ridge and down through Halstock made riding a hazardous affair! But as the previous week, by the time tea, cake and toast were eaten and helmets put back on, it had stopped raining and was clearing up making the ride home much more pleasant, 41 miles covered.

Thursday was a rest day, after my morning stint with the readers at the school and the weather once again conspired against me.

Friday was quite a nice day and I had to decide on run or cycle, I decided to run and did a good 10 miles around town, having to turn back on one of the lanes because of flood water.  My Plantar Faciitis after each run seems to nag after sitting for a time, but, I picked up my new Orthotic insoles on Thursday , I have only had them in my day shoes and I intend to give them a go in my running shoes once I am used to them, they do feel odd at the moment, I hope they work.

Saturday I did Park run, [my 6th] but, the weather once again pouring with rain as I drove to Seaton, I had sorted my clothing, waterproof, hat, gloves etc. by the time we set off the rain had almost stopped. I kept up a good pace 8:20 minute miles , but with half a mile to go I started to slow, and I finished 63rd out of 135 with 26:22 minutes for the 5k a bit disappointing as I am less than a minute off my personal best! If I hadn’t faded I would have beaten it, it was a good morning out, and a test of my fitness, and a good speed training run.

January I ran 53 miles compared with 98 last year and cycled 221 compared with 247 last year, so mileage is down for the month, but the weather has been poor, I have had a nasty cold for several weeks [ Mrs IanB still has a nasty throat infection] , I also did a quick decorate of the downstairs hall to brighten it up as we still haven’t sold the house! so I am hoping I still have the miles in for the Grizzly in six weeks and the Exmoor run on the 4th March.

The weather this winter has been very wet and windy, but at least no ice or snow, my bike has had a real hammering from the filthy roads, not to mention the hedge cuttings that the farmers don’t clear up and off road running has been very wet and muddy.

I have made a good start to February and am optimistic at getting the miles in for running and cycling, I am also hopeful for my new insoles.

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