Monday, 26 March 2018

lots happening, but not running cycling, walking or using the campervan!

26th March 2018

Well over a month since my last posting! due to a number of reasons the main one being laziness !
some things that have happened since my last post

  • sold our house and had to find somewhere to live on the coast - we are heading for the Somerset Coast!

  • the Grizzly was reduced to the 10 mile Cub run with safety concerns about the 20 mile full run in the heavy snow !

  • didnt make it to the event as couldnt get out of the lane because of deep snow! our second lot in a month.

  • first snow of the year was on my birthday March the 1st! first time I have ever known it.

  • Planter Faciitis still nags away even with my £250 insoles!

  • new road trainers to improve, still waiting to see!

  • not a lot of running, short runs with my daughter, which is really nice to have someone to run with.

  • Not  lot of cycling because of poor weather and an injury where I put a hole in my head!!

  • Had a very wet walk on Dartmoor with my 86 year old friend, we cut it short as it was so wet and we couldn't see anything due to the heavy mist the next day was sunny!

  • trying to clear the house out, with several trips to the dump and the charity shops.
Perhaps my next post will be more postive and I can get back to running and cycling before we move house.


  1. Forgive me if I've told you before. I wear orthotics in ALL my shoes, boots and trainers, but cheap ones that seem to do the trick:.
    My PF steroid injection was free, courtesy of NHS. I've had no problems for years.. Recommended!
    Yes, it is nice to have someone to run with. Now I've stopped racing I mainly do gentle runs with my partner. Most enjoyable - especially in the sun.

  2. Hi Gordon,
    Thankyou for this, I will look at those insoles, certainly cheaper. I do get fed up transferring for every shoe, but, the insoles are helping my running. Don’t fancy the injections, unless absolutely necessary.
    Hope your treatments get better soon and you are back on your feet soon.
    Ian B