Monday, 2 October 2017

cycling, no running


Last  month has been good for cycling with 424 miles covered and the last couple of weeks 140 miles my average. This is good as I have the 'Grid Iron' Audax this weekend, this is a 68 mile route round the New Forest. I am a little concerned that the highest mileage I have been doing is only 50 miles so will feel it with another 20 miles in the day.. I hope I have a better day than the Dorset bike ride !!!!

Running on the other hand has been a massive 4.75 miles at the beginning of the month when I decided that my Plantar Faciitis needed addressing, hence rest and exercise [when I remember], I think its getting better, then I feel it again, I am missing the running and as the weather deteriorates feel I need to get out to run when the weather is poor to cycle.

I have entered the Herepath Half at the end of this month, but sadly I am having to pull out. 
The Grizzly entry ballot opened last week and despite saying I wouldnt do it again have entered the event again for next March, I am hoping to have cleared my PF by then, heres hoping!!

I did Marshal at the Seaton Park Run at the weekend , which I enjoyed, it was god to see 160 people enjoying the run on a chilly damp seafront run.

One final historic moment last week when we have finally got the estate agents in to value our house with the intention to move to the coast!!!  so its weeks of house hunting to come after 30+ years in our current house, which we love! it will be a pull when the sign finally goes up, as we have lots of space around us, and a lovely spot.

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