Sunday, 21 August 2016

Grizzly entry open - entered the lottery

Monday 22nd August 2016

Email from Ax Valley saying the draw for places for next years Grizzly is now open

So my entry went in, I will know later in September whether I have a place. It will give me something to aim for over the winter months. Great event, my second Full Grizzly ( 20 miles) after four Cub runs (9 miles) Fingers crossed now!!
I have several events planned for September and October

Chard Wheelers 112 k Audax September 18th.

Ocean 10k road run in Plymouth October 9th my first ever road race!

Exmoor Stagger or Stumble off road run at Minehead on October 23rd, if I am fit enough might try the 15 mile Stagger up to Dunkery Beacon rather than 7 mile Stumble round its lower slopes, this is my 4th Stumble!

Herepath Half, half marathon round Neroche Near Taunton, did it last year, nice event, but, quite hard so need to build up the miles that's on 30th October.

So a busy September and October.

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