Sunday, 21 August 2016

Grand Children, some running and cycling and beautiful weather again!

17th August 2016
A visit from grandchildren, a trip to the Beach and!!!! some lovely cycling and running days.
Friday evening last [12/8/16] saw the grandchildren descend on us after a rather busy drive down the M5, we expected the 11 month old twins to be fast asleep, which they were, until they were unloaded from the car, so at 8:30 they were wide awake, crawling round the lounge laughing and giggling etc. Grand daughter was rather more tired. We finally got them all to bed later.
Dawned bright and sunny intervals, Grand daughter was determined we were heading for the seaside. So we set off for Sidmouth parking above Jacobs Ladder in an expensive car park.
Loaded with , a picnic, rug, chairs, towels etc . we pulled the double buggy over the shingle down to the sandy bit above the water level, William found this hilarious!!!
We found the tide was coming in fast so decided to move round the corner where there was more sand, the beach was relatively quiet, must be the sunny intervals rather than just sun!
Gdaughter, went in the sea with her dad and had a great time, the twins were unsure of the whole experience being their first time at the seaside. We had a picnic, chips, ice cream…….. etc so a good day was had by all, everyone being tired after a long day [ children had been up since 5 am].
Then, it went down hill as we had to take George off to Taunton A and E as he had a small spot that wouldn’t stop bleeding, so at 2 am Sunday morning they were driving back to us after 4 hours in A and E. They decided to drive back home on Sunday, good job, as the same thing happened on Sunday night, although less time spent in Gloucester A and E, but! Monday again saw them at Gloucester A and E!!!! still not sorted, emergency op needed, but!!! Cant do till Tuesday !!!!!  difficult for an 11 month old child - - - hopefully finally sorted Tuesday, with an operation, he now looks as though he has done five rounds with a large dressing near his eye, how long that will stay on is anyone’s guess.
Monday I did a local 6.5 mile run, very hot!! But I felt comfortable, no second Jurassic run this weekend as they wouldn’t let me enter on the day. All my aches and pains seem to have gone away!!!
Tuesday , very hot and sunny again, my new Awning arrived from ‘Just Campers’ so spent the afternoon putting that up to make sure we were keeping it and when I put it up on site for the first time I won’t be embarrassed. Seems quite good, ‘Easy Camp’  will review when we have used it in action.
Wednesday was ‘Wobbly wheelers’ day , 6 of us out, worked our way  down to Seaton Hole, via Lamberts Castle, Rousdon, Axmouth etc, the café at Seaton Hole was welcome after 24 miles to get there.  walnut cake and tea, before the ride back home via Kilmington and  Membury including a 6 mile steady climb. A really nice day out but very hot in the sheltered lanes of the Dorset/Devon/Somerset. A total 42 miles covered .
Thursday, yet another beautiful day, the plan was to meet up with Yeovil CC/CTC at ‘Barley Mows’ café  at the top of Snowden Hill when they got there after their 20 mile ride from Yeovil before heading out over Membury and down to Beer and the Anchor Inn for lunch. I met up with them 20 in all!! A good turn out for mid week, most with Yeovill CC jerseys on, one had a puncture just as we were leaving the café, so I went on with a lead group of 6 riders, over Bewly Down towards Axminster, the views across towards Stockton Mast were lovely, bright blues skies only added to the picturesque summer view, sadly no photos, no time to stop as were still climbing before the long descent. I decided to leave the group at Axminster, and complete a circuit of my own, I had been down to Beer and Seaton several times over the last week or so, lovely as it is.
I went through Axminster, very busy as it was market day, Hugh Fearnly whatsits, ‘River Cottage Canteen’ doing very well. I went down a road called ‘Sector Lane’ which I had been down before, but! I had forgotten the sting in the tail at the end on the climb up to the Lamberts castle ridge, 20% for some time and a 2 mile climb, very hot and very steep, I did struggle at times, sweat pouring off me, it was very hot between the narrow hedgerows. I finally reached the welcome B road and rested with a drink and snack. The ride down over Lamberts Castle was good, nice curvy descent, on good roads, not too busy for mid-week even though it’s a B road from Crewkerne to Lyme Regis. I climbed up through Marshwood Vale, before turning off through Sad Barrow and past Forde Abby once again, to get home after 26miles, disappointing mileage but made up with the climbing, I will update the Blog post when I have downloaded the route from my Garmin. I was very hot and very tired surprisingly!!!
Friday was wet and windy so a quick trip down to Exmouth, very different from our last visit when it was very hot, sunny and crowded, today the waves were crashing over and there were few people about except hardy dog walkers . A pic nic lunch sat in the car watching the weather and the kite surfers who started to appear now the tide was going out.
The evening saw me out for my local town run, but in reverse 5.5 miles covered on a very windy run, hard work with the wind in my face at times.
 Sunday 21st August,  

Saturday was very wet and windy, but today dawned just windy with a promise of improving conditions. I met Mike and we did a 46 mile ride over the levels which turned out to be a tail wind out and a head wind back, very tough at times, the wind really getting on our nerves. There was also areas of road that had been ‘surface dressed’!! huge patches of gravel everywhere, dangerous at times and making riding a bike on it difficult. The weather improved and the sun returnedbut the wind stayed with us. A good ride as usual.

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