Sunday, 3 July 2016

Weather and other things

Sunday 3 July 2016
The TV weather broadcaster said on Friday that there was no sign of any settled weather over the next few weeks!! Given that this week seems to be very changeable, very dull, overcast and chilly when the sun is not shining and that seems to have been the pattern since early June, I am not sure all the expensive computers in Exeter are telling us much. So we have to put up with it, we can’t blame the EU, we can’t buy another model, we can’t switch it off or on. It’s a shame as its lovely running or cycling in the warm sunshine and the summer is so short anyway.
The Bikeability this week we managed to escape the heavy rain and only got slightly wet on day 2, the children always enjoy it when we are out in the rain, it’s just us Instructors that don’t like it! Must be an age thing! Or we have just got boring!!!
The Tour De France started yesterday with Mark Cavendish winning the stage and the yellow jersey, a good start to what looks like a good tour, I think there are a number of possibilities for a winner. Contador not looking to good after two crashes in two days!!
Yesterday was our Grand Daughters birthday party; she is now the grand age of 4!! Games, pass the parcel, musical statues  and ball pit, 14 other little people in attendance, party food, chocolate fingers, iced rings, sausages, pineapple and cheese etc. the twins also enjoyed the event, crawling around etc. AND! A bonus the M5 southbound was lovely and quiet  on the way home last night.
Two runs this week, 5 miles each so total 10 miles and today a good 32 mile cycle ride with Mike   today.
Total for the month of June was 35 miles run and 274 cycled, cycle miles down on the 300 last year,  but last year I didn’t run at all in June.
411 run  and 1678 cycled so far this year, so if I can do the same over the next 6 months I will have increased my mileages over last year.
I have now also entered a 10 k road run in Plymouth in October, so more training for running. October I now have 3 events . Only a month to the off road Jurassic 10 k at Bridport and in between the 100k Devon Delight Audax
Have done this before, quite tough ending though over Dartmoor.

Nice steady week ahead, no Bikeability, a little twin sitting and hopefully some running and a cycle ride.

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