Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hot and injury

22nd July 2016
After a great ride on Sunday last, when the weather was ‘proper biking weather’ short sleeve jersey and shorts, no need to carry windproof for once, warm and dry and no wind!! Mike and I did our Dunkeswell, Blackdown Hills ride, clocking up 48 miles with a good downhill run to Staple Fitzpaine of 45 mph!
It was a promising start to the week weather wise, hot and dry forcast, so I was up very early on Monday to get a run in early before it got too hot. I was planning a couple of runs in the week and then a practice run down the coast at West Bay for my Jurassic 10k in 2 weeks time.
As I set off for my early morning 5 miler, the weather was just right, cool, clear, the sun just rising and no wind, my right calf felt fine after trouble a couple of weeks ago, but my left calf/Achilles tendon felt a bit tight, I assumed this was just a little early morning stiffness, and continued, by the end of the run, it felt very stiff and sore. I did my stretches, hoping it would ease a little. After breakfast, I was hobbling around!! I did use some ibruprofen gel and  and tried some self-massage. Injury!! Where did that come from?? I did my usual pre run warm ups, bottom kicks, leg swings etc. what I can’t figure out is if it is Achilles trouble or calf strain?
After 5 days, it’s a lot better but feels particularly stiff when I get out of bed, I did wonder if changing shoes has had an effect? This week I have worn my sandals for the first time this year? I am now able to walk without limping, I should have run yesterday or today, but decided to give it an extra day, I will cycle today and perhaps run tomorrow evening, hoping with an off road coast run on Monday, but sadly this is going to affect my plans for my 10k in two weeks. I will make a decision next weekend.

Injury is a strange phenomenon, I have been doing my 5 mile runs a couple of times a week on road for a month or so, with no ill effects, warming up and stretching on finishing, so where do these ills come from?

Meanwhile we had a great day out at Exmouth on Tuesday, the sun shone, and clear blue skies, coffee on the seafront, very windy but very warm, the beaches soon filled up with families, despite it still being term time??
We also this week completed our mission to look after our grandsons, three days a week in Gloucester, a lovely time that has seen them grow and develop from sitting in their chairs to crawling and pulling themselves up, as well as becoming more alert. It was also a time to spend some time with our grand daughter when she came home from Nursery, especially as she starts school in September.
It has meant using our campervan each week, on the ‘Briarsfield’ campsite near Cheltenham, we have seen this site become busier over the last couple of weeks as it becomes a dropping in site for people heading for the South west for their holidays. The van continues to be comfortable and easy to set up and pack up, well insulated against sound and cold, although a couple of nights this week were a challenge when I noticed the temperature in the van was 30 degrees + .

So this week is a ‘see’ week, I will cycle today, run tomorrow, cycle Sunday and then see how I feel on Monday to risk an off road run in preparation for the race! At least the weather looks reasonable for the week.

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