Friday, 5 February 2016

Hard run and a new bike!

Thursday 4th February 2016

A 12 mile run down along the coast again at Seaton this morning was hard, with nearly 2000ft of climbing, the weather was reasonable after some early drizzle, 2.5 hrs, not fast but getting time on my feet and the miles building up. I also managed a spin session tonight which I struggled at times with tired legs, still managing to hit 80% + at times. So a hard days training today over 2000 calories burnt!!!! I also did a hard Kettlebells session the night before so Friday a definite rest day.
I also increased my stable of bikes by 1 with the purchase of a Retro bike the intention being to ride the 'Eroica Britanica' in June, the 50 miler that is.My son is intending to ride the 100 mile again for the National Trust.  The bike is a 1982-4ish Gazelle, 'Trophy Trim' in a nice blue colour with a full Shimano Golden Arrow group set. I will have to look at the gearing to reduce the size so I can get up the hills. The frame is main tubes Reynolds 531 - looks a nice bike for its age. I bought it from these people who specialize in retro bikes

Having bought the new bike [delivered next Wednesday] I do need to get out and cycle,as there are a few Audax events coming up, 2 days Bikeability this week got me out doing about 10 miles total and of course spinning twice,but the weather [for me] has not been cycling weather with wind and rain most days. My priority has been to get running miles in 22.5 miles this week so far including my 10. 2  mile run round the lanes on Monday.

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