Friday, 12 February 2016

Hard couple of runs

Friday 12th February 2016

I went for a 7.4 mile run yesterday afternoon after my stint hearing children read at the school. It was a hard 7 miles I intended to do more, but my legs seem to ache and had no power, I think I suffer the day after my kettlebells session, having said that I then went to Spinning!!! tired legs again.
Weather been better this week, after last weekends storms, my two days Bikeability in Ilchester were nice weather, but cold. So after a 6 mile run on Sunday and my 7 miles yesterday I need to up the mileage!! half term next week so should get out a couple of longer runs.
Haven't managed to pick up my new retro bike yet, perhaps this weekend? but still very few miles cycling anyway, most roads around here are very wet and muddy where tractors have been down and broken away the banks, so cycling means a very dirty bike, very quickly!!!

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