Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lovely day out

Thursday 14th May

Wednesday was a beautiful day with clear blue skies and a light wind! a good day for a longer ride.
The biggest problem was what to wear, after winter clothing over the past week or so, it was a gamble  - 3/4 tights and short sleeve jersey with arm warmers.
My intention was a 60 + mile ride, so sorted a couple of cheese and pickle rolls, and cereal bars along with two bottles of drink.It was a Billy No Mates ride as everyone is at work!
My planned route was over through West Chinnock and Chiselborough to Stoke Sub Hambdon, on to Martock, Long Sutton, Somerston and then dropping down through Park, Low ham and through Langport to pick up the Athelney route. At Slough Green I dropped down to hatch Beauchamp and went past Merryfield and Ilton before the 3 climbs home through Crock street.

The roads were surprisingly quiet, the hills round Chiselborough were short and sharp but through some lovely  hilly tracks, even the road over to Somerton was quiet before turning off to drop to Park with its well manacured roadsides. The sun now getting warmer and enough to take off the arm warmers.  I stopped for a short lunch of my cheese roll as I was on the levels near Athelney, it was very peaceful as I gazed out over the flat lands, cows, quietly grazing, the fresh green of the new growth on the trees making everywhere look fresh.
It was really pleasant not riding into a head wind, the climb up to Slough Green now showing in my legs after 50 miles.
I stopped for a second lunch at Merryfield and watched the helicopters practicing landing and taking off, a bit like a huge dragon fly.
The final climbs were at a slower pace, but not too slow, the spin classes are working I think!

It was 5 hours and 65 miles with 3000ft of climbing  as I arrived home to sit in the sun to a welcome mug of tea!
A good day out :-) except my Hamstring tendontitus is still a niggling pain in my backside, I was hoping stopping running would cure it, but it doesant seem to be the case.

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