Monday, 25 May 2015

A strange week

A 4 day working week this week, 5 if I count my volunteer day at the school! And I am supposed to be retired?
Monday and Tuesday's Bikeability weather was a contrast to Wednesday and Thursday being wet and very windy followed by hot and light winds, thermals and waterproofs followed by shorts and tee shirt. I did manage to cycle the 15 miles to The Bikeability on Thursday in the hot weather. 
Saturday saw us taking the Camper over to Dorchester, which was bustling with a food market, brass band and lots of visitors, even an event at the skate park complete with loud music.
Sunday was a 42 mile ride with Jason and Mike, so lots of chat, and coffee and cake at Langport, cake was very expensive at £2.50 for a small Brownie. The weather was chilly with the threat of rain with dark clouds looming, it did rain just as we got home :-)
Monday dawned a lovely day, but chores in the garden kept me busy, even painting the shed! But!! Hopefully a day out tomorrow on the bike with my son, as he needs the miles for the 100 mile  'Eroica' in a couple of weeks.
Sorry posts are boring at the moment, not a lot happening at the moment!!

As the title it has been a strange week with all the work and changeable weather, June is a busy work month but July should see us able to spend more time doing as we please:-)

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