Sunday, 17 May 2015


Sunday 17th May
I didn't manage to get to the Coast to Coast yesterday, we had a very emotional day on Friday at a family member funeral and got home late evening, although it was a lovely day and the person was well remembered, the end of the day was fish and chips on the terrace, back at the house.We decided a light relief day on Saturday, ( didn't fancy a 100 mile cycle after a day like that) so drove up and spent the day with the Grand Daughter and had a lovely day at the Pittville pump rooms park in Cheltenham. It's a lovely park, and was very busy, but! We did get an ice cream in the sunshine. Ducks fed, slides slid! And back to a game of hide the eggs in the garden again which GDaugter loves😄 
This morning, I managed a solo 45 mile ride around the levels again, the weather was changeable, sunshine followed by thick dark cloud and chilly temperatures.
The afternoon was spent lawn mowing!!
A hard week ahead, and poor weather forecast , 4 days Bikeability!

Shame I didn't make the Coast to Coast, it will be there next year, next event is an Audax near Hungerford, an 80 mile route. This is in several weeks time, so must  keep up the riding and get the miles in.

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