Monday, 22 December 2014

running and spinning week

Tuesday 23rd December

After last Tuesdays splendid run the rest of the week was good for exercise, I turned up for my spinning session on Thursday morning to be told it was cancelled!!! I was not a happy bunny as I had arranged my day around it, so after lunch decided to get out and run as the roads were really wet after heavy rain making them very messy. I managed a good 7 miles over the Neroche route, chilly in the wind, but a good afternoon out just before dusk.
I booked spinning for the Friday teatime and went along to a large group for the time of day, another hard session, this time I put on a little more resistance as I found fast spinning had irritated my calf muscle.
Sunday saw Mike out for the morning, a grey morning but not too cold, we headed over to Athelney to check on the flood prevention, much digging out and construction work around, still cant see it having a great effect. The Drayton to Muchelney road was still shut  as they are ‘raising the level’ so it doesn’t flood. A good 39 miles covered today.
Monday I was at a loose end and managed to persuade my daughters boyfriend to come running on the Quantocks, he is a runner and has done several half marathons. As we arrived in the car park there was a strong wind blowing, and the temperature wasn’t too bad, we headed off towards and up Wills Neck the highest point on the Quantocks before going along the ridge to Dead Womans Ditch and Halsway Post, there were quite a few MTBs out, must be the xmas holidays. It was fairly wet and muddy under foot in places. I was pleased after 10 k or 6 miles to see we had taken 1hr 3 mins which is a good time for me for offroad 10k, must be the pacing of my partner!!!
I did tire as we went back up Wills Neck and the car was a welcome site, 10 miles covered, very pleased with that as I haven’t run that far for a couple of months. My calf seemed ok, but legs did ache.
Another spinning session this evening then its rest over xmas Tim is hoping to have us run from Sidmouth to Seaton which is about 10 miles on Saturday!!!
Now today also involves mending our hot water heater, and installing a new anti scale cartridge, I just hope the plumbers have one or we could have no hot water over Xmas!!!!

Watch this space.

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