Monday, 15 December 2014

Closer to shortest day, 2 cycle rides and an off road run

An uneventful week but at least I managed to get a 6.5 mile off road run round Neroche forest, it was just before dusk so there were a few more dog walkers around than normal, all friendly and all well behaved [dogs and owners] It was damp underfoot but not too muddy, although I did get wet feet! It  was a cold start as well with a brisk cold wind blowing across the car park, it took me a good 2 miles before warming up, helped by the forest.

Two days Bikeability and poor weather was forecast, BUT! We were very lucky and escaped any showers, and it wasn't too cold.

Two cycle rides one a 28 miler on a very frosty Saturday morning making some of the roads rather a challenge till later in the morning, when the sun had gained some strength. It was however a glorious day, clear skies with wall to wall sunshine.

Monday saw  Dave P a mate cycle over from Yeovil to try out my ‘Qoroz’ Titanium bike, after the trial I cycled part the way back with him along the cycle track and then onto the old ’Fosse Way’ which turned out to be extremely muddy in places and made worse with hedge cutting! Fortunately we escaped punctures. I left Dave at Lopen Head and headed towards Barrington, the National Trust village before heading over my usual three hills back through Crock Street – only 22 miles, but enjoyable, much warmer today.

My calf muscle has started pulling again – this was after my spinning class last Thursday, my first one for a month, will now try to make it a weekly event. I hope the calf starts to calm down again, as it’s a very niggling pain.

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