Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday 20th April
A very wet day today, but managed to get out early (7am) before the rain came, very chilly at 4 degC  according to my Garmin! 28mile road ride, round through Barrington, the National Trust village and back round through Hatch Beauchamp. A sharp, North easterly wind, gave at head wind out to Hatch, but as I turned back towards home found a Tail wind, and a chance for the big ring. 28 miles covered at 14+mph average, good to be out on the Trek again, took a long time to warm up, in fact fingers and toes were very cold, even when I got back. Mug of coffee and thick toast on my return to de frost and warm up!
That made 2 rides this week the other being 26miles. I have also managed a couple of runs, my usual Neroche 7 mile off road run, really warm, enjoyable running in short sleeve jersey and shorts, the difference between running in winter clothes and summer kit is tremendous, much easier to run, giving far more freedom and lighter, the track was very dry, and given it was holidays very quiet.  An early morning 4.5 mile round town was enjoyable and surprisingly I felt good, doing one of my best times for that run.  I think my Welsh visit has helped my fitness. The good weather this week has certainly encouraged me to get out, but also managed to get some physical labour in by sorting out the garden.
Exercise wise a good week, especially as schools were off, so no Bikeability for the past two weeks, back to work this week.
I have also committed myself to my new road bike, ordering a pair of wheels hand built by Andy from the local bike shop, hope hubs and open pro rims. I also ordered my new titanium frame, a 'Qoroz' Road Won, seem a well made frame for general riding they are  manufactured in Gloucester. I now need to source other parts, already trying to sort the transmission, triple or double? And a range of gears suitable for my cycling, 52x11 is no use to me where 30x28/30 is far more use, however,  Shimano and Campag arent very flexible, they think we all live in flat areas and want big gears, ok if your in your teens. Finding information on saddles and handlebars is also difficult! So could be sometime before I actually get it on the road. So lots of time researching on the interweb!

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