Saturday, 14 November 2020

still plodding on!


I thought this time I would start with images rather than at the end. sorry for the quality of the photos my phone doesant seem to be that good and ! it always seems to be very grey skies!!!
The pictures are from a 6 mile run from Home up Brent Knoll and a steady 7 mile run over the Quantocks with some of the running club. the Quantocks was a wonderful weather day compared to the grey day on Brent Knoll
Brent Knoll church yard
From Brent Knoll summit
From Brent Knoll summit
Ralphs wood
Ralphs wood
The estuary
Memorial at East Brent
My winter bike
On the levels Glasonbury Tor in the background
Lower Lighthouse Burnham on Sea
Woods on the Quantocks
Beacon Hill Quantocks
Me and  friend at the end of the rainbow

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