Sunday, 25 August 2019

Second good run

Sunday 25 th  August 2019
I seem to have messed up my last post before finishing it so adding a further post!
Today was a ‘social’ run with the running club. Many of the club were racing today and those that weren’t were looking for miles to run in preparation for half marathons later next month.
We agreed to do 12 miles along the Strawberry line cycle track near Axbridge, a victim of the Beeching cuts, the  derelict railway line is a lovely cycle/walking route.
Six of us met on a beautiful if somewhat hot morning and ran steadily heading for a six mile out and six mile back run all was going well, steady running in the shade of trees until about 5 miles , it suddenly got very hot with no shade , when one of the group suddenly felt unwell. After a few minutes rest, drink and jelly babies she felt much better, but we all agreed to turn now and run back to the cars. It was a lovely run, quite busy with other runners, cyclists and walkers. Countryside views all around, a lovely running route. By the time we finished we had covered 11 miles at a steady pace, no more incidents ! It was now very hot  🥵
A lovely morning outand more miles to add towards my 1000 mile challenge. I am currently near 700 with 4 months to go !!
I also had a good cycle ride this week, starting from Langport meeting two old friends, heading over to Maunsel Lock, via Athelny Creech etc, beans on toast gave me the energy to return via Rock hill, very steep!! And Kingsbury Episcopi, where we had nice cold drinks, sat in the sunshine. 42 miles covered, yet another great morning ride.

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