Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Another milestone date passes

Wednesday 6th March

Well another birthday passes and I approach the 70 s but! Great news not for another two years! Lovely day spent with the grandchildren!
Well I have also changed my Grizzly entry to Cub I decided I couldn’t have The ignominy of having a big cross on my number at the split point. Given, lack of larger mile runs ( more than 6 ) the 19 would have been a challenge, the Cub I know I can do.
A morning run on Crook Peak yesterday was my final off road preparation 4.75 miles and 821 ft climbed. Lovely morning in the sunshine before the rains came.
Looking back over the past month have done a few nice runs, the cancelled 2 bays run at Weston super mare I did with my Burnham Harriers club, a great 10 miles with a few hills and a bit of beach and good company.
Brent Knoll from home a nice 6 miles plus run mainly off road, great views from the top, and the day spring arrived 😀
I did my 25 th Park Run last week! Still PB at just over 25 mins. Managing to volunteer once a month, marshalling or barcode checking. Tuesdays have become a regular outing with the Harriers now which is nice. BK Velo outings have reduced, the high average speeds meant I was always playing catch up ! Yoga is going well and I really enjoy it, I could do with more sessions really, I do think it has improved my Plantar Faciitis👍
Not done much cycling last couple of weeks, preparing for Grizzly and weather deteriorated once again!
Feeling a little more motivated this week to get out running. Still need to look at entering more races.
Well I am hoping for a nice day out on Sunday on the cub run, weather not looking great though!
Must learn how to get my photos from my iPad to my blog, the ones from my phone never seem uptodate?? Ok on the laptop ?

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