Sunday, 29 July 2018

A post at last

29 th July 2018
Well I am back! It’s been nearly two months since my last post. A combination of laptop problems, moving house, not using my camper, less cycling and running and little of interest to post.

The laptop problems still exist which means no photos( haven’t sorted how to post photos on iPad) we are settling down to our new house and new town by the sea, Burnham-on-Sea is also on the Somerset levels, we are only 5 metres above sea level, this is after being in Chard which was the highest town in Somerset!so we are getting used to no hills, but, Brean Down, Brent Knoll and the Mendips are on our doorstep all beautiful places.

I have resumed running and cycling, and July I cycled 513 miles and ran 41 miles! Which I am pleased with, running usually involves a run along the beach, which is lovely, and with my daughter who is currently back at home, the maximum distance is 10k and height climbed only 10-15 ft! We do the local Park run some weeks which is a lovely route through the park and along the river bank, but still haven’t got under 26 mins!! So my target is to get that down ! I don’t have any other running  events planned.

Cycling has been good, the weather has been stunning!  But very hot! I did ride the Devon Delight Audax, 106km round Newton Abbot and the edge of Dartmoor, it was a very hot dry day. I have done several longer rides as well, a very hard ride over to Dorchester from Chard via West Bay, a hard, hot 72 miles.

Cycling Burnham-on-Sea has meant easy fast miles, I can do a 50 mile ride and only climb 100 ft! I am still trying to familiarise myself with the area, although I have managed to be guided by a couple of local riders, I have noticed my average speed has gone up, most rides now average 15 mph.

There are jobs to do around the new house, but the consistent hot  dry weather over the last eight weeks has meant it’s easier and more pleasant to sit in the garden, cycling and running is hard in the heat, but lots of liquid is needed to avoid dehydration. We have been too busy to go away in the van, and now it’s children school holiday time there is no chance, so we are looking at a September break.

Well that’s my posting back again, I need to sort photos! Or my laptop, look at events I might enter, and find some hills to run up.
The weather has broken, but promises to return to hot dry weather, we will see !!!

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