Saturday, 19 May 2018

Better weather!

Sunday 20th May
What a strange time of late! Weather and house moving!  The weather has been up and down since the last post. We have had hot dry weather and cold windy weather!! Making clothing choices for running and cycling difficult.
Over the past month I have managed to run and cycle, including a couple of Park Runs at Burnham on Sea, a lovely route by the park,river and sea! 26 mins still not a PB but also done a couple with my daughter 29 mins her PB.
This week saw the wobbly cycling over to Dorchester via West Bay and Hardys monument, lunch in Poundbury ( Prince Charles Toy Town) , unfortunately we picked the only day of the week it rained! So a wet ride home, but we did do 72 miles, my furthest ride this year.

We are still busy packing up for a house move, a step closer this week with moving planned for first week in June! Fingers crossed!!

So running and cycling still on hold but trying to keep fit, as soon as we have moved I hope I can get back into it and enter some events. I am also hoping the less activity is giving my Plantar Faciitis a chance to correct itself, but! It still nags away.
I can’t believe it’s a year since I was packing to cycle from The Channel at Carne to the Mediterranean only seems a few weeks ago.

Campervan time is minimal, only one very cold weekend in Cheltenham visiting Grandchildren ! Again when we have moved we need to get away for a nice holiday, away from boxes!

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