Sunday, 23 July 2017

Awful weather and not much running or cycling!


I cant believe the change in the weather since getting back home from holiday. I have gone from shorts,sandals and tee shirt to longs trousers, socks,trainers, and a thin fleece over my tee! there have been heavy rain showers every day with Friday being a complete washout, Saturday and Sunday not much better. Temperatures are now 15 dgrees lower than when we were in France!! Not using this as an excuse but I have only managed a 4.75 mile run and 27 miles on my bike. My plans to run the Bridport Jurassic 10k in two weeks might have to be on hold, I will make a decision this weekend, I enjoyed the run last year, but there is another coastal 10k near Exmouth at the end of August which gives me time to get some off road miles, I have entered the Herepath Half marathon at the end of October, sometime away but I like to build up the miles, it will be my third time I have run this, it would be nice to get a better time.
I have also entered the Grid Iron 100k audax down in the New Forest in October so still need to keep up the cycling miles!.
I was woken up in the middle of the night the other night with really bad cramp in my right calf, which has left it very sore, I was hoping the cycle ride yesterday might have eased it, but it feels very sore this morning, so maybe no running for a couple of days.

I still need to add photos to my M2M write up and also write up my last French trip in the campervan, so plenty to do whilst the weather is poor as well as loads of DIY to catch up.
Hopefully weather will be better later this week, but! I am not holding my breath!!!!

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