Monday, 19 June 2017

I am back from my French adventure!

19th June 2017

It’s exactly a week since I got home from my adventure on the Manche to Med ride[M2M] across France, this time last week I was driving in the gate in my hire car from Dover after an overnight trip on the ‘Cycle bus Express’ from Montpelier to Calais.

So after 14 days cycling covering

 1207 KM [754 miles]

Climbing 15104 metres [49587 feet]

With a group of 16 people whose average age was 63 [the oldest 72] I was back bringing the wonderful weather of the last two weeks with me, its currently 28 degrees C and has been for the last few days.

Since returning I have managed to get out on my bike three times,

Wobbly wheelers 42 miles down to Hive café in Burton Bradstock

Collect my car from my son in Wimborne 58 miles

Sunday afternoon pootle round the lanes in the very hot sun, 26 miles.

I have even managed to get an early morning run this morning 3.2 miles the first for 6-8 weeks!! 33 mins, not bad slow jog!

Over the next few days I will write up my trip and post as soon as possible

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