Tuesday, 27 June 2017

a quiet week

27th June 2017
The day after my first run for a number of weeks, my quads hurt!! And my legs ached generally, my Achilles Tendon seemed sore and I seem to have picked up Planter Facilitis or whatever, so not a good start to my return to running. I hope it gets better the more I run!

Wednesday was Wobblies ride, over the levels 42 miles on a very hot Wednesday to have tea and cake at the community cafĂ© in North Curry, the two ladies in there really struggle when five of us turned up, but got there in the end, the cherry cake is excellent value at £1.50p for a large piece and £1 for a pot of tea! Well worth a visit. 42 miles covered at a good pace especially as the temperature was 30 degrees by the time we got back home.

Thursday we went to Exeter I was looking at new trainers, but failed to get any. Lunch in Wetherspoons, veggie breakfast, loads of calories!!! I went for another run 4.4 miles this time, and yes it hurt again!! I do hope it improves.

Another ride on Friday, much cooler as the hot weather decided to leave us, only 32 miles but a quick 32 on my own.

Sunday was granddaughters birthday party in Gloucester, so we had a great day out with her and the twins, a lovely party, including bouncy castle and face painting, the twins were more interested in the stones in the car park, which they seemed to like posting through the fence, whoever mows the lawns will be cursing us!!!

Back to Monday, a grey day, but it was sunny at Sidmouth, for lunch in the Whitehorse, although when we got home it clearly had been grey all day. Monday evening another 4.4 mile run, better but the PF this morning [Tuesday] seemed to be bad, I will have to look at some repair work somehow. I still don’t understand why I get it, as I have not done any large distances and took it easy on my forst run back to running? maybe an off road run would help it?

It’s a quiet time at present with no events planned, I am thinking Herepath Half marathon at the end of October, but nothing else, I will have to see how my injuries go. No Audax planned although I do need to look at the calendar as I would like to do another one or two.

The weather has definitely broken and I have been hedge trimming today and it’s just started to rain [mid-afternoon] the first for ages.

I am still pulling together my French trip detail. 

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