Monday, 16 January 2017

Weather, children and a bit of running

16th Jan 2017
Last week was a mish mash of lots of things happening, as well as still coming to terms with the loss of a dear friend.
Sunday I went out early to get a few miles in before the rain came 32miles covered round the lanes of Somerset, but time was spent after trying to wash the bike down, as well as noticing a very soft front tyre when I got home!!!

Monday was run day a steady 6.2 miles over Neroche Forest, I have not been there since the Herepath Half in October, lots of dog walkers out, fortunately, sensible ones that controlled their dogs. The running was really pleasant even though it started to rain after about 3 miles, it was good to have the wind and rain behind me as I returned to the car. It was nice to be running off road once again, I do notice it on my legs and feet, must be the soft mud!!

Tuesday was long miles day so 10.5 miles round the lanes late afternoon, now the evenings are starting to draw out. I found the first few miles quite hard but it seemed to get better after about 7 miles, which is unusual as I am normally tired by then!!

Wednesday saw us driving up the M5 at 5:30 am to look after grandchildren for a couple of days. Extra sleeping bags etc. were stored in the van in case the poor weather that was forecast was as bad as they said [ it wasn’t!!!]

Thursday night was cold on the site, but we were cosy in the van, the oil radiator nicely keeping the van toasty, and once in the sleeping bags we were very cosy. It did snow overnight so it was hard work walking round to the toilet block in Crocs for a wash in the morning. The temperature in the van said 4 degrees! Fortunately the roads were clear except the road where my son lives which was quite icy.

Friday driving back at teatime the traffic was quite good so we got home in good time, a great 3 days playing with grandchildren and watching the twins continue to develop.
Saturday was another run day, 7. 5 miles this time, quite a good run at a decent pace by the end, although starting off was hard after a large cheese pie and chip lunch at the Hungry Horse in Exmouth!!!

Yesterday [Sunday]The forecast was for poor weather again, but it never happened, I even went out early to miss the rain later, at least the weather has gone mild again, but that means wet and dirty roads, so more bike washing. But 28 miles covered and I even saw my first lambs of the year over at Hatch Beauchamp, strangely they were there last year as well!
Cycled 60 miles
 Run 24.2 miles

The Grizzly gets closer !!!

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