Monday, 26 September 2016

Taunton 10k +

Taunton 10k +
26th September  2016
Since we got back from the holiday in Pembroke I have managed to get very few miles in on the bike [42!] but have managed to run 3 times a week the furthest being 8.5 miles, which is bringing me a step closer to my half marathon distance at the end of October, although it does seem hard work this time and a small pain just below my knee cap is causing me a little concern, it doesant hurt when I run, but if I touch it, it is tender and I cant kneel on it. No idea what it is but it doesant hurt cycling or running, odd!!! Tried Googling without success, tried Voterol that doesant work, despite the posh TV advert!

We did manage to childmind in Gloucester last week  this was particularly helpful as poor Gdaughter had to have 48 hrs from School due to a sickness bug. But, a great time with her and the twins was had.

Sunday [yesterday ] saw me doing the Taunton 10k road race, my first ever road race, along with my daughter who has only been running a short time and has only run 10k in the last couple of weeks, her first race ever!!!
We were both excited and apprehensive, but it helped as we were able to walk from her flat in Taunton round the corner to the start at Blackbrook sports centre. 600 + had entered so it was me, daughter and her boyfriend lining up with lots of runners, the weather was set to be good and it was hot as we set off at a brisk pace, everyone jostling for position before it thinned out a little, daughters boyfriend was looking for a good time so went on ahead whilst we were aiming for a finish around  the one hour time, and just to get round.

We were going well and when we went into the lanes the weather started to change and we had a slight drizzle as we approached the drink station at 5k. it was a slight incline out of the village of Stoke St Mary, so a good time for dextrasol and a drink. When we got to cross the M5 once more it started to rain heavily, followed on by gusty wind, making running hard work, we fought our way over the bridge to the last half mile, where we picked up speed to the finish, a sprint finish had daughter beating me by two seconds!!!

A great run, daughter did really well, chip timing said 1hr 6 mins, we came 507 th and 508th out of 574 finishers. Pleasing result and a good day out. The sun came out, as we finished and we were presented with a rather disappointing plastic medal, not the best I have ever seen!!!!!
Daughters boyfriend was 26th in 39 minutes the winner doing 35 mins, so a good run by him, even though he was suffering a nasty cold and was on antibiotics.

This is all good preparation for our Plymouth 10 k in two weeks

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