Monday, 11 April 2016

'Potterneering' and a new gym

4th April 2016
New Gym
The cough has eased considerably since last week, it almost seemed to disappear overnight, I was recommended 'Broncostop', lozenges which are 'tyme' based, not sure if they contributed, at least I am now nearly back to normal the odd coughing fit, but thats all. Last Month I managed to run 83 miles and cycle 276 miles which I am pleased with, given the grotty weather we had. The running miles were slightly down on last year as the Grizzly was early March, so I eased off after that and then there was a French holiday where I didn’t run. Cycling wise, I knew I had to get a few miles in to ensure I could ride a 100k+ for the Wareham Audax. My next event will probably be Dustman Daves Doddle next Sunday a 110k from Bishops Lydyeard and heads over the levels to Yeovilton and back, not many hills and a nice route. This should be followed by the Turf and surf Audax down near Newton Abbott and goes over Dartmoor, so a few more hills.I dont have any runs planned although was tempted by the 5 tors on Bodmin next weekend, 8 miles over 5 tors on Bodmin Moor starting from the wonderfully named 'Minnions' I did it two years ago on a freezing day, and really enjoyed it, not quite sure I have the running fitness at present though.

I did manage a nice 47 mile bike ride yesterday morning before the doom and gloom of the grey skies moved in for the afternoon, over the levels once again, this time not flooded!! I even managed a good 15 mph average speed. 
An 8 mile run in the week also confirmed I still have some ‘left over run in me’ despite the coughing!!
This morning I attended my first Spin class at the new 1610 gym, I did an early morning [7:30 ] session, which only had 6 hardy souls there, nice facilities, much better than the old ones. I did reach 80% hrm quite quickly and put this down to no spin session last week and the leftover of my cold, so will be interesting to see how it goes over the next few weeks.

So a quiet week really, no major events etc. to report on. But! I have invented a new word/activity [I think] ‘Potterneering’ which I seemed to do a lot of this week, that’s the art of pottering about, doing little things, like adjusting my front changer on my road bike, changing tap washers etc.

No Bikeability this week, that's next week. At a local school tomorrow with my usual helping with readers and then unusually some Grandchild minding , which should be fun [if hard work]. 

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