Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Tuesday 5th April

Last wednesday I had what I thought was the beginnings of a 'cold' I tried to ignore it, ate lots of fruit etc, made sure I washed my hands and carried on with exercise with Spin classes, running and cycling.Saturday I felt worse, with a very sore throat!! but still determined to ride the Audax on Sunday, I had several Anadins before the ride and it wasn't until they wore off at about 55 miles I started to feel worse for wear!!!. Monday [Yesterday] I didn't feel too good and felt very tired, throat was like dragging thorns through it and a hacking cough. Another uncomfortable night of coughing and today it has beaten me, no exercise, no energy!!! I had thought I might beat it by ignoring it, no chance, so its a few days rest etc for next few days, I have no energy anyway.

After my good winter so far with no colds and thinking my flu jab had done the trick, washing my hands every 5 minutes and using the gel down the gym, it got me in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame because its a lovely spring day with warm sunshine and little wind, ideal for a bike ride, if only I had the energy!!!!!!

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