Friday, 11 March 2016

Final countdown !

Saturday March 12th

Tomorrow is a big day the 20 mile multi terrain Grizzly run down at Seaton in Devon, over 3000ft of ascent, two sections of shingle beach, several river crossings and the dreaded bog! Over 2000 runners on the day. I have previously done the Cub run which is half the distance. I think I have prepared over the last couple of months, my 'retired' state I am sure helping focus and provide opportunities to get out, the proof will be tomorrow. My friend up the lane hasn't had quite so much luck with work, family and a nasty cold to contend with, I am sure she will get round.
This week has been easier after my long Monday run over the Quantocks two spin sessions where I took it easy, keeping my heart rate down below 75% and keeping a good cadence throughout. Two days Bikeability with lovely weather riding my bike a few miles with the children and finally I met up with my running partner on Friday evening for a short 3.5 mile run.

So that's it, I am looking forward to it, great atmosphere, I have no idea of time, was hoping for 4hrs but I think the bogs , steep ascents and queuing at bottleneck points on the course will increase my time. The weather forecast is good, with light winds, probably very chilly to start so clothes will have to be given some thought, I think my longs as the river crossings in cold water might affect my calf muscle, a short sleeve 'helly' vest, my Ascics short sleeve, which has pockets and my cycling arm warmers. Food wise a 'tailwind' drink a couple of gels and 2 energy bars chopped into small bite size pieces in plastic bags and try to top up regularly along with anything along the way, water and jelly babies!
Today a chill out day, complete my paperwork for Bikeability, sort out kit, etc.
Watch this space😀😀

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