Friday, 13 November 2015

Wet and windy and a milestone passed

After my first kettlebells session last Wednesday I was surprised my arms didn’t ache, instead it was my ham strings the day after the day after!
Saturday dawned very wet and windy with the promise of better weather in the afternoon, it was the Christmas fair at Killerton House National Trust property near Exeter so we decided to go and have a look. There were lots of stalls, but nothing to tempt us! The gardens however looked very splendid in their autumn colours and by the time we got there the wind and rain had gone through and we were left with a bright sunny day.
Sunday I managed to get out with Mike for a 40 mile loop round Muchelney, starting off in reasonable weather but having to put coats on 5 miles from home, the roads were very muddy in places, Mike did struggle near the end and used a gel to get him over the final hills, lack of outings were telling on him.
I also heard that my friend Dave had had an accident  - apparently coming round a corner to be met by a rope over the road which I suspect was put there whilst the cows crossed the road, there was no warning and poor Dave came a cropper, falling heavily, putting him off his bike for a few weeks. Farmers round here have a habit of doing this and there are no warning signs or anyone supervising making it quite dangerous, good luck to Dave should he pursue the matter!!
Monday I decided I needed a longer run, the weather was good so no excuses, a nice 9 miles round the town and a little off road round the local reservoir path. My hamstrings had just about recovered, it is still very mild weather. Tuesday was a spinning session, always hard.
Wednesday Mrs IanB had to work so I managed a cycle ride, 28 miles this time through North Curry, again nice weather to start and then almost a the same spot as Sundays ride the heavens opened, I coated up! But still got very wet in the last few miles home. Wednesday also saw me back at Kettlebells, I enjoyed the session and ‘touch wood’ don’t seem too bad with aches from the session, although it was harder than the previous week, with the normal Instructor Liz. I think I need to get the techniques correct to make sure I get the best from it and also lessen the chance of injury.
Thursday was a milestone, I had been invited down to the surgery for an annual Flu injection, something apparently is offered to people my age! I must be on the radar at present after the invite to check my heart several weeks ago. I also received an invite to apply for my pension, so I went on line to register, but! The website wouldn’t let me so I phoned instead, and the woman on the other end was very nice taking my details and even talking about Bikeability etc. whilst she checked my details. I now know what and when I get my first pension payments next March.
I celebrated by going to my spinning session in the evening, a good session tonight, last week I seemed unable to get my heart rate up, but tonight we did climbs and then rests I was pleased to see my efforts on the 4 minute climbs at 85% dropping to 70% in the recovery minute, so pleased with that.

No after effects of the flu jab yet! Got a run planned with R up the lane later another club outing! For BLRCC.

Should give me 66 miles cycled and at least 15 miles running this week, my target for the winter weeks + of course my spinning and kettle bells sessions.

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