Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A quiet week, a birthday and a visit from Grand Children


Mileage for October was good with 91 miles run and 122.5 miles cycled compared with last October when I ran 59 miles and cycled 118 miles I am also looking to exceed my running and cycling annual mileage which if I remember without looking it up was 500 running and 3000 cycling, with 2 months left I hope to beat that this year. Two successful running events last month the Stumble and the Herepath gave me a real target, my next target is the Long Grizzly 20 miles+ at the beginning of next March, so must try to keep some fitness through the winter and then build up from the new year, I expect it will soon be here!!!

Last week saw Mrs IanB celebrating another birthday and we had a lovely day out with our daughter in the city of Bath, the weather was really nice too which helped. Bath was very busy with tourists being half term, We had a booked a table at ‘Jamies’ for lunch so no scrabbling about finding somewhere to eat, a pleasant lunch in a very busy [and expensive] restaurant. I did manage to do a couple of 5 mile runs, but no cycling as each time I wanted to go out it seemed to tip it down!! I also did a Bikeability course at the school I volunteer to read at.

Saturday we had to re-arrange the house for the grand children to visit for the weekend and it was lovely to see them. The twins now gaining weight and being much more alert. It was even more pleasurable as my other son and his wife and of course Bramble the dog managed to get across for an evening meal of Lasagne etc. more gifts for Mrs IanB  for her birthday. Granddaughter [GD] had a lovely time with Bramble the brown Labrador. The twins were on form and managed to take it in turns to eat,sleep,wake,eat,sleep,wake……..! etc so gave us plenty of work to do.

Sunday was a visit to Seaton for a stroll along the front, the logistics of getting the twins and GD ready with all the kit needed for two, two month old babies and a three year old was enormous, but we made it and had a lovely walk on a warm but muggy morning, GD managed fish fingers and chips along with a chocolate ice cream cone. It was sad to wave them off in the afternoon.

Monday [2nd Nov]

I was determined to get out cycling or running today, as a few days of cake and fine eating was starting to show in my morning scales weigh! 7.3 miles run on a warm and muggy morning at a good pace 9.18 mins/mile. Tuesday another spinning session and the weather now seems to have settled into an unsettled period with regular heavy showers, long cycle rides seem out of the question [or am I a wimp!!].

Wednesday [4th] was a wet morning and we had a trip out down to Bridport and its local market, Bridport is the town where ‘Broadchurch’ was filmed, down by West Bay. We parked at Morrisons and walked in after coffee [and a dough nut!] long time since we have been to Bridport, now fast becoming ‘Battersea on Sea’ with incomers from the capital, certainly this is noticeable in the shops now available but not as bad as Lyme Regis !!! A very calorie laden lunch [970 Kcals] with a Wetherspoons small veggie breakfast had us both with ‘heavy tums’ to walk back to the car, but excellent value at £2.99 each! But I did manage to get out in the late afternoon for a pleasant cycle ride round the lanes of Hatch Beauchamp 26.9 miles covered, very warm and the roads were very dirty with tractors coming out of the fields, the leaves on the trees were fabulous now the beech trees are all turning.

Wednesday evening saw me attending my first ‘Kettlebells’ session, I decided  my spinning sessions were great for cardio but needed something to build up my muscles a little. I followed the instructor [who also takes the spinning class] and was fine until we got near the end when we had to lay on the floor and do sit ups with the Kettlebell above our heads, I found this really hard, and perhaps need to practice sit ups at home [urggh!]  a good session that should help and they do say that ‘older people’ should do some weight sessions, it was also good as Mrs IanB attends Pilates at the same time, so an evening out for us!!!

Weather forecast for next few days is poor with heavy rain showers so not sure I can get out and get a few miles in.

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