Sunday, 13 July 2014

work and more work!

I cant believe its been 2 weeks since we arrived home from our French holiday. Bikeability has been manic since the beginning of June, working 4 days a week! including 1 day of heavy rain, rest of the time the weather has been good, with lots of sunshine, I am supposed to be retired, which is 3 years ago this August - its gone very fast.

Only been running once since holiday, 3 miles around town, but I did a good time [for me!]
Focus has been trying to get miles in on the bike as I have entered the 'Hungerford Hooray' Audax which is 140 km [ 87miles], its not an area I know so hope its not too hilly.

Managed 60+ miles last week, between Bikeability  and on Sunday, a good 45 miles over the Blackdowns, the weather was good if windy, good sunny spells, we started with  the big climb of Staple Hill, over through Hemyock, and climbing again to Dunkeswell, where we were entertained with people parachuting over the aerodrome.This area has lots of remnants of preparation for the D Day landings, there were lots of Americans stationed here, the road actually uses part of the old runway, and still is in better condition than the modern roads, the return ride over Luppitt common was into a stiff headwind, until the main ridge where a fast descent down the hill we came up earlier, and a further descent down to Staple Fitzpaine had us reaching speeds of 35 mph +. Its a lovely ride on not too busy roads with good views all around, however, the road surface over Luppitt Common was poor, much repair needed!

We also managed a day out in Sidmouth, lunch in the 'White Horse cafe' lovely sunny day, surprisingly busy for a midweek day before the school holidays. Sadly I haven't managed to get into hearing the Children read at school as I have been too busy.
The van passed its MOT with flying colours!!!

We also had a visit from our Grand daughter for the weekend, exciting time with a belated 2nd birthday celebration, a trip to the seaside. Bramble the brown Lab cross provided good entertainment for Amy taking advantage of her enthusiasm by relentless ball throwing.

It was a great weekend, with the family getting together, a very tired grand daughter left 2 very tired grandparents [but very happy]. We look forward to her next visit.

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