Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ride and entry for a run

Tuesday 15th July

Today I did a 51 mile cycle ride in nice warm sunny weather. After heading over Crock Street under the A303 and up through Broadway my route took me over to Bickenhall. many of the lanes are now getting overgrown with long grass making the road narrow, difficult if traffic comes the other way. Traffic seemed light this morning and with light winds it was nice to spin the legs round trying out different gears on my new bike, getting used to the 2 ring compact chainset, I seem to be spending more time on the larger ring. 
After Bickenhall it was a climb up to Slough Green  and West hatch, again trying out different gears to climb. a long descent down to the A358 and crossing between thundering lorries and speeding cars, thank heavens its a dual carriageway and thank heavens  I can shelter on the island in the middle, traffic lights further up making it easier to cross. The lanes took me through Ham, lots of houses for sale!!
Up through 13 bends to North Curry, a  short sharp stiff climb, traffic still light, lots of nice views around. Down through Athelney usual stop for a snack, trying fig rolls today, over looking the River Parrett watching the huge diggers dredging, big job they have. The road round to Langport was nice and flat so set up a good pace, tempted to stop for coffee and cake, but! remembering I have 80+ miles to cycle on Sunday, so this morning was a 'training' ride the word training being applied loosely. 
Another quick snack at Muchelney bridge before moving on through Drayton, a road they are talking of raising by a metre to avoid the flooding  and giving access to the residents of Muchelney, seems a very expensive solution to me for a very few people, when the roads across Somerset are in a poor condition. Muchelney has been an island since time began!!
Back through Hatch Beauchamp, starting to feel a little 'leggy' now with at least 10 miles to go and 3 long climbs. The final climb back up through Pudleigh reminded me I need to get in more miles, Pudleigh is one of those hills that is always hard, no matter how far you have ridden.
A nice hot shower and home made lentil soup and freshly baked rolls helped me recover before catching up on bikeability work . A ride with the Blackmore Vale CTC 'faster further ride' on Thursday 50+ miles should leave me nicely for my 80+ mile Audax ride over Hungerford way on Sunday.
Checking emails, one from Poole Athletic about their 'Beast' run at the end of August, 13 miles from Corfe Castle out round the coast, a tough run. Couldn't resist entering, I should have time to train over August!! I hope.

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