Thursday, 30 September 2021

Been a long time coming

 Thursday 30th September 2021

It’s like starting a new blog, it’s so long since I posted on here.

Since my last post life has changed for us at home. Mrs B finally had her operation for Bowel Cancer, which sadly turned into three operations as the first didn’t quite work. This has left her with an ileostomy bag and a colostomy bag . We are hoping one is reversed with twelve months, but we are not holding our breath. 

We had our 2 nd Covid jabs in May and now awaiting the call for a booster jab. Covid in this area is still rising since restrictions were lifted, few people observe masks any more, which is very sad as those of us with a vulnerable person in the house are desperately trying to avoid it.

I have continued cycling and running, but only with individuals, keeping away from crowds, no park run, no running club meets. I entered one race since March 2020 down on the coast, an off-road 10 miler with 2500 ft of climbing, it was a very hot day and I DNFd after six miles and my wonderful partner Kelly went on to complete the course, I was so pleased she did🙂 

I have not done much cycling, it’s easier to slip my running shoes on and go for a run rather than ride. The summer has been generally good weather and this week the weather has just turned Autumnal. I ran on the Quantocks on Tuesday and it was decidedly chilly and I managed to miss the rain . 

We have not had a holiday since last March, but we were able to House sit for my son in Wimborne for a couple of weeks, enjoying the peace and quiet and the chickens .

I have the Dorset Three Peaks at the end of October a lovely event I have done before, living In Burnham on Sea I need to find some hills as it’s very flat round here. 

I am off to the Quantocks again tomorrow, weather forecast is not looking good but hoping for ten miles and a few hills. Sadly that’s the closest I can get to mountains or fells. 

My poor old campervan has not been in service for ages now, only taking it out once or twice a week to give it a run. I am missing going away in it, but given MrsB s condition it’s not a great plan. May be before the end of the year 🙂

Well that’s a quick update, I hope to post more and include photos 

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