Friday, 19 January 2018

feast and famine week for running and cycling

19th January

After a really good week of running 21 miles and cycling 58 miles I was feeling I was getting into a good regime to build up to the Grizzly. Sadly it didnt last and this week including today I have not run for a week and I have only cycled 32 miles [today]. The weather has been very poor last week end, and a visit to Gloucester for eldest 39th birth day on Sunday  put paid to any weekend miles. Monday wasa complete wash out again with heavy rain and winds and also a trip to the podietrist!!!

I must say muddy roads along with hedge cuttings made the going heavy and the head wind didnt help. I renewed the chain, cassette, rear deraillur and the chainrings as well as rear brake blocks. I was shocked how badly worn the whole transmission was. I fitted stronglight chainrings instead of Campagnolo as they were much cheaper, but! as with all Campag I had to make a little alteration to make them fit! it all seems to work ok, the indexing is a little out and I think I need to shorten my chain by a link or so. I am pleased this is done, except today, the muddy wet roads have made it all a mess once again!!! I am also getting through brake blocks! riding in groups means you are always braking, especially down steep long hills. I also changed the rear tyre as it was looking decidedly worn, I had a partly worn one so was able to save a few pounds! so over £100 worth of kit fitted! hope thats the last for a while, alhough the winter roads are taking their toll.

Monday we also had a call to look after grandchildren as one of them was sick , so we drove up to Gloucester on Tuesday morning at 5:30 am for an early start. we then had two nights camped in 'Briersfield' campsite after looking after the twins in the day. the first night was chilly, but lovely and warm in the van, the heater being very effective, My new TV ariel also seems to work very well we can now get all channels not just 3 !!!! the second night was galeforce winds, a bit of van rocking, but nothing to worry about. the van was very comfortable and warm, we were very pleased with it over the two days.

My trip to the Podietrist was an expensive do! as it was suggested I have orthotic shoe insoles as she suggested this would correct the issue, I was also told to continue with my exercises. I was a little disappointed as she didnt tell me more and encourage me to run etc, she just said I could carry on running and the orthotic inserts would help, so I now await the arrival of my £325 insoles [£250 + scan consultancy etc]

So now we are back I hope to create a routine once again cycle 3 times a week between 60 and a 100 miles and run 3 times a week two times 7 miles and a longer 10 -12 miler by the end of the month.

I will only continue to look to do my Exmoor run on the 4th March and the Grizzly on the 18th if my PF improves and I can get the miles in, I am over 100 miles down on cycling for January last year and 60 + miles down on running, I am not sure why, except for weather!

One final point! spring is coming I saw my first snowdrop today! a solitary one in a hedge bottom on my cycle ride over the levels , wonderful to see!!!

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