Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Beautiful weather a bit of running and cycling

Thursday 2nd June
I have done really well over the last week with 3 runs the furthest being 6.8 miles with over 500 feet of climbing. So 16 miles, so back on track for regular running. Last month saw me running 37.9 miles and cycling 277.4 miles more running than last May but less cycling, all the work in the middle of the month gave me two weeks rest!!
Last Sunday dawned a beautiful day, so second outing in shorts, I made my way over Staple Hill the Highest point on the Blackdowns before cycling along the ridge, cool at times under the trees now in full leaf. A steep descent to Hemyock, a sign showing 16% gradient. Unfortunately a steep down is followed by a steep up! This time to Dunkeswell where the whole area is crisis crossed with decaying Tarmac runways from World War Two, some still in use as a Nigel Mansells go cart track and others as an aero drome that is used by parachutes, today an excellent day for it, lines of people falling out of the sky, whilst I stopped, watched and had a snack.

It was a steep descent and climb out of the village before another lovely ridge over to Smeatharpe, again the old runways being used for Banger and Stockcar racing. Model aircraft clubs were also out today.
The whole area was used by the Americans to prepare for D day and there are still lots of buildings and remnants around. I headed back towards Luppitt, on smooth Tarmac, strangely laid over the old runway in places. I was soon passing Staple Hill again, average speed showing 14 mph + I descended through Staple Fitzpaine and cycled back one of my usual routes over Horton and Crock street.
47 miles covered with over 3400 feet climbed, 2710 calories burnt. A lovely day out, sunshine in clear blue skies, temperature just right, has summer arrived?
Bank holiday Monday was a vintage bike day as Eroica is only 3 weeks away. A ride out with my cycling mate him on the latest Colnago me on my 30 year + Gazelle. Muchelney was our goal, again weather beautiful, I am now starting to get tan lines on my legs !! 42 miles today.
I continued my exercise with my 6 mile run.
Today the weather seems to have broken, temperatures have dropped, wind increased, and rain so back to winter, summer was short!
I also had a pneumonia jab yesterday, invited by my local surgery, people my age! It will be interesting to see if I am affected, I feel,ok at the moment.

It's half term at the moment, so roads around are busy, we tend to stay at home at these times, so no trips to the seaside etc.
I need to get out run and cycle. I noticed over the past few weeks my weight has gone up by 4 pounds too much cake and too many biscuits, I may need to revisit 'my fitness pal' app again, a good incentive website that you can input what you eat and what you exercise.

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