Saturday, 17 October 2015

The morning of the race

Sunday 18th October

Its now 6:15 on the morning of the Minehead Stumble race, 7 miles of up and down hill off road on Exmoor, following part of the route of the 'Stagger' which is 15 miles to Dunkery Beacon and back.

The past two weeks have been good weatherwise so no excuses not to go out and do a little preparation [I hesitate to call it training!] the 'Herepath Half marathon' is next Sunday which is 13.7 miles! so been building up the miles, todays event is part of the preparation.
I have managed to run around the half marathon route twice, the second time feeling good [until 11 miles!] with a time of 2 hrs 15 mins, so hopefully I could replicate that on the day.
Its been a strange week this week as I have had to work everyday on Bikeability courses, so not got out quite as I would have liked [work gets in the way of my leisure activities] still managing to get 1 run in and two spinning sessions, both I kept my heart rate down to near 75 % to save energy. I have avoided picking up germs from the children [I hope] so feeling ok for todays run. The weather forecast is good, cloudy, but no rain forecast and I think it will be chilly to start, the sheltered woodland will mean it gets warm quickly. 
I have run the event twice  before, so looking to improve my time. I have decided not to take a drink this time, but take my gel and my intention is to take it early on in the event to see the effect. When I did my last HPH run I took a Tailwind Raspberry Buzz drink and found this just right as I kept sipping to keep up my energy levels.

I plan this morning is to have my usual Muesli with fruit and then take another 25g to eat an hour before the event as the start is not till 11 am. its an hours drive across to Minehead. 
I am looking forward to the event and will continue the blog post when I have finished.
Watch this space......................

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