Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bikeability, thunderstorms and cake

Friday 6th June

Since my last blog post the focus has been on Bikeability leaving little time for ‘retirement’ activities, the weather has been poor as well, lots of heavy showers and quite chilly. I am still managing to get 2 runs in a week [despite my laziness and lack of motivation], be it round the town but they are 5.5 mile runs, I have been trying a new strategy of using my heart rate monitor and keeping the rate at approximately 135 -140 bpm with a rise to 150 -155 bpm on the steep hills, well below my maximum heart rate, but still making me work hard. This is resulting at the moment of approximately 10.10 minute miles but is supposed to be ‘fat burning’ and I do find I ache less the next day and feel I can run further, keeping my options to run longer events, even though I am running less, but regular[I hope this all makes sense]. If I decide to resume my ‘fell running’ race entry this will be helpful. I am looking to the 8 mile ‘Charmouth Challenge’ the ‘most southerly fell run’ in July  and the ‘Minehead 17’ at the end of July, at least it gives me something to train for, although there are a couple of Audax events as well – seeing as I should have my new bike on the road by the end of next week. Andy has finally built my wheels – lovely ‘Hope’ hubs!
We did manage a good day out in the van last Saturday [31st May] with a trip to Exmouth, lunch on the front in the sunshine.
Sunday was a cycle ride to West Bay again in the sunshine for a change and on dry roads,  with Andy and Mike, some nice road resurfacing gave a smooth run down through Broadwindsor,  hedgerows are now very full giving less space for us and cars to pass! West Bay was busy with motor cyclists and the regular car boot always attracts crowds  - coffee at the ‘Harbout Lights’ tea stall before the run back over Bettiscombe hill a rather steep hill 1:6 in places, 39 miles in all no speed, but lots of chat on the way. The problem with going to the coast is that its up hill all the way home!
Van has been serviced ready for a trip to France soon down to the Vendee – I am looking forward to driving on the French roads, much quieter than UK roads and usually better surface.
Collected new wheels and put on the tyres – very nice lightweight wheels.
Another 5.5 mile run last night keeping the heart rate down, still felt ok, but! Not sure if ‘niggly knee’ was returning as several twinges?? Fingers crossed it hasn’t.

Saturday 7th June
Great day after scary thunderstorms and torrential rain at 4:30 this morning.
Beautiful sunshine [but blustery] after lunch and warm temps enticed me out on my bike – first time in shorts! Headed out over Hatch Beauchamp, then across the levels round to Westport, the road to Barrington very flooded, half pedals to avoid wet feet, Barrington ‘National Trust’ village seemed to have a children’s fun day in the play park, a theme that appeared later in the ride. More flooded roads over to  Dowlish Wake where they had a Duck race in progress, so people in the road were a hazard, not to mention plastic ducks. A climb up to Cricket Malherbie before a steep descent down to Chaffcombe and home. – it was a ‘Tour of villages with nice names’ today and 29.5 miles covered. A nice ride. And tan lines to show for it!

Sunday 8th June
Mike and Jason riding partners today, along for my 50 mile ride over Slough Green, Ham, North Curry, Athelney, Langport, Muchelney, Hambridge, Curry Mallett, Hatch Beauchamp, and back over Bickenhall, Horton, Crock St etc. Lots of riders out today, and the café was very busy with both bikers and cyclists. Roads were mostly dry, with good views at the high spots on the ride, there was evidence at Athelney that dredging is taking place to help avoid flooding next year, I think its wishful thinking! When you look at what they are removing!
We set a brisk pace at times with Jason showing us his ‘weightloss speed’ by sprinting up every hill and leaving Mike and I in his wake!
The highlight of the ride was the enormous piece of cake [see picture]  at the ‘Riverside Café in Langport and pot of tea

                                                          Cake at the Riverside Café, Langport

A great ride, and what seemed like the first ride of the summer as I had short sleeve jersey and shorts, rather than every thing long and still cold! Just after I arrived home there were spots of rain on the window – hey ho! Short summer, but we didn’t get wet this morning and had a good ride.

Not sure how much I will do this week coming as its 4 days of Bikeability 30 miles from home, so early starts and late finishes.

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