Friday, 2 May 2014

Busy week

A busy week that started on Saturday with sandcastle making, followed by  cream tea eating at Lyme Regis, very windy on the beach, sand went everywhere! This was followed by an easteregg hunt on Sunday and very wet car washing, managing to fit in a go on the swings, slide and roundabout, not to mention puddle splashing and meeting a friendly neighbourhood cat ! Just another visit from our Grand daughter.
So no cycling or running last weekend.
Monday  a trip to Montecute house in the morning to see paintings from the National Gallery and a very very interesting talk about the Elizabethan history. Some great paintings that give seem real thought about living in those times! history  is fascinating, and also reminds you what you have forgotten from School. I managed to get out and do my 7 mile route over Neroche, in the afternoon, quite wet in places after heavy rain, but an enjoyable run, still no niggle from my knee.
Tuesdays bike ride, I got a soaking 2 miles from home when the heavens opened! But 36 miles around my Hatch /Ilton route.
Bikeability filled the next couple of days at a village school, a really pleasant group, all managing level 2 with ease,  sadly the second day we got very wet, a real contrast as day one was hot in the sun.
Friday a cycle ride round my Ilton, Hatch Beauchamp route giving 26 miles.
April was a good month with over 260 miles on my bike and over 65 running.
Not picked up new bike frame yet, and still trying to sort out other components on the Internet - so many options. I am trying to get quality as well as keeping the cost down. Andy has my Mavic open pro rims now, so hopefully will build this week.
On another note, I finished 'running free' by Richard Askwith, disappointing as much of the latter part of the book was spent describing his local runs with very detailed descriptions of frost on grass and ploughed fields, this along with a whole chapter on the Coopers Hill cheese rolling event got quite boring.
Bank holiday this weekend, will try to get out for a 50 miler on Sunday, to prepare for next weeks Audax in the New Forest.

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