Saturday 20 January 2024

Cold spell

 Saturday 20 th January 

Cycling so far this month has been a definite no no! The weather has been freezing with below zero temperatures most days ! 

Running wise I have been trying to get out every other day, taking note of my recovery

Weston super mare 
Weston super mare
Brean Down
Apex park 
River Brue 
Crook peak
Crook peak 
times on Garmin.

My furthest for over a year was a run along the cycle track to Weston and back with three good friends, cold and sunny we managed 10 miles, running at my heart rate speed I felt ok at the end.

Quantocks run from Great wood over Dowsborough gave me a good work out using my poles, building on my skills from Nordic walking course on Wednesdays , it was amazing the difference they made, 7.5 miles and 1289 ft of uphill, a good morning out. 

I have developed a route over to Brent Knoll. Up over the steep hill lane and East Brent, before returning the route, I can add or reduce miles  depending on route but it is usually aroun 8 or 9 miles with a good hill session. These runs along with another Brean run and a very cold Crook peak seem to be building nicely, though I am worried about building to 20 mikes before March 17 th! 

My weight has fallen to 77.2 kg, I had to buy a new watch this week a Garmin 235 after my old 230 decided to stop telling me the time, worrying though as it only shows my VO2 as 39 compared with 44 on my old watch. My new one has a wrist HR so will be interested in the difference with the chest strap ! 

I am on run 28 from November 17 th 2023 but made huge progress, last year I struggled to walk, never mind run.

It’s the anniversary of the Highbridge Health walk this week, we meet every two weeks to walk round Apex, all are welcome, some come for physical exercise others for the social interaction. Ironically, it was a freezing icy day last year.

I have had 2 Nordic walking lessons, picking it up and gaining confidence , I am hoping to will aid my training. Each morning I try to do stretches that include bridges and even a plank, to try to strengthen my core. At 72 nearly 73 I need to focus more on that to build up my strength.

Mrs B goes in hospital on Tuesday fir her hernia operation, some 3 years since developing bowel cancer, fingers crossed all will go well and the quality of both our lives will improve.

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